Webberized, an Omaha podcast studio, is looking to help spark some romance this Valentine’s Day! In this episode of Webberized Update, we tell you about our Omaha podcasters, upcoming workshops and a special idea for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Date Idea? Do a Podcast!

Omaha Podcaster’s show is growing, reaches 30-plus episodes

Webberized is proud to share that our first podcaster to work with us has made more than 30 episodes with no end in sight as it forms its own channel. The comedy podcast called “Running the Light” now features David Kousgaard as a co-host with show creator Jeremy Plumb. Both Plumb and Kousgaard are Omaha-based comedians who’ve performed regularly in numerous local shows and ventured to regional and national comedy festivals.

Every week, they invite a guest to talk about a comedy album, special or book that inspired their craft. Past guests have featured comedians from around the nation, including Los Angeles, St. Louis, plus a round-up of Omaha talent. Give them a listen at soundcloud.com/runningthelight and follow along on Twitter.

Omaha hobby store launches podcast

The newly launched Hobbytown’s HobbyPlex Show Podcast is your monthly resource for all of your hobby news, from RC car racing to drone flying, and upcoming events.

The show is hosted by Alex Sturgeon, the track manager at Omaha’s Hobbytown Hobbyplex, with his trusty sidekick, Will Brinton, a longtime racer. They discuss trending hobby news and recap recent race result. Also, they plan to answer questions submitted on their Facebook page. Whether you’re burning to know about future events or looking for some driving tips, they’ll be sure to answer it!

Learn how to start a podcast at Do Space

If you’re interested in starting your own podcast, but feel overwhelmed Webberized is here to help! We teach a regular workshop at Omaha’s Do Space, a community center providing technology access.

The one-hour workshop starts with an overview of industry news because there is always something new and amazing happening in the podcasting world. After that, you get tips and resources on developing and planning your podcast episodes, recording and editing them, and then getting your podcast out into the world.

The next workshops are at 1 p.m. on Friday, February 14 and Friday, March 6. Register through Do Space at www.dospace.org/calendar.

Need a Creative Valentine’s Day Date Idea? Do a Podcast!

Dinner and a movie is so last decade! In 2020, the best dates are ones that create experiences! This Valentine’s Day, get creative by taking your date out to record a podcast! Whether it’s your first date or another in a long list of many, recording a podcast together is a unique way of getting to know each other on a whole new level.

If you reserve a recording time and tell us it is for Valentine’s Day, Webberized will provide the ambiance for a special podcast recording session you won’t soon forget.

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