In this long overdue episode of Webberized Update, we’re going behind the scenes to highlight podcasts we’ve done with fun and unique sound design!

Using Sound Effects to Shape a World

This one features a podcast intro that uses farm animals, water sounds, and tractor sound effects in shaping a world for listeners of a podcast centered on sustainable agriculture.

Sound effects are one of several elements used in sound design. To get your podcast show to stand out in the ever-growing crowd, unique and creative sound design is vital.

Generally speaking, putting a podcast together is a seemingly simple process full of not-so-simple decisions. Beyond getting behind the mic and hitting the record button you have to have elements that come together and enhance your audio world.

You have a few tools to accomplish this: Sound effects, music, and narrative timing.

In this case, we needed an introduction that set the scene for listeners. We wrote the script and added the music and sound effects to help build the world.

Here’s the script:

These are the true stories of farmers, conservationists, sustainable ag advocates and researchers,

Dedicated to advancing public policies to achieve a sustainable farming and food system in the United States.

Find out what happens when people take action and start caring for the land.

Here’s a list of the sound effects we used:

  • Ambient nature
  • Rooster
  • Running water
  • Chickens
  • Tractor starting up

In editing, Richard (our podcast editor extraordinaire) placed it all on the timeline so the timing of the sound effects matched the music and narration.

We like the result because it so perfectly aligns with the oral history project that listeners are tuning in to hear. You can check out the full project on the Center For Rural Affairs website here!

We hope you like it too!

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