Before you hit that record button to start your podcast, take a moment to write a mission statement for your show. It’s a crucial step to keep your goals clear and your content focused.

Starting a Podcast: Begin with a Mission Statement

When you’ve decided you want to start a podcast, one of the first steps before even looking at gear like microphones and mixers or hosting services and social media, is to draft a mission statement. This will establish a firm foundation and help you with decision-making you’ll do down the line. In addition, listeners will be more likely to join the community you’re building when they know what to expect from your podcast.

Your purpose statement should succinctly describe the essence of your podcast, highlighting what makes it unique and why listeners should tune in. Whether you’re aiming to entertain, educate, inspire, or inform, your mission statement should reflect your core objectives and the value you intend to provide. We recommend two to three simple sentences.

Here are some questions to consider as you’re developing your podcast mission statement and show:

⬇ Answers should be content-driven! ⬇
What story am I telling? (Beginning, Middle, End)
What is my podcast not about?
Who will I talk to? What questions will I ask?
How will I keep the listener engaged?
What will listeners remember?

AI Prompt to Help You Write Your Podcast Mission Statement

You can even use your favorite AI tool (ChaptGPT and Google’s Gemini are a good start) to help you draft it! Here’s a prompt example to help you:

“I need help writing a mission statement for my podcast on [your podcast’s topic]. I want the statement to reflect our goals of [your podcast’s goals] and our core values of [your podcast’s core values], plus how we plan to serve [your target audience]. Provide three options.”

Once you’ve reviewed the three options, pick and pull the parts that you like from each one, add you’re own flare to it and you’ve got your mission statement.

Start your Podcast with Webberized, LLC

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