May 9, 2019 — Grab a friend. Grab your business partner. Grab someone you want to talk to and start your podcast today.

Podcasts Grow in Popularity

Podcasting is booming in growth as everyone from comedians and celebrities to journalists and talk show hosts, start their own audio shows. Even social media giant Mark Zuckerberg has launched his own podcast. Large media companies are seeing the value of the communication platform.

Spotify’s recent acquisition of Gimlet Media, a leading podcast producer, has accelerated the format, and market researchers expect older consumers to begin accepting the format as readily as the younger generations that already have.


If you’re new to podcasts, that’s OK! Start exploring shows by topics like entrepreneurship, business, and comedy or even your favorite TV show. There are numerous Game of Thrones and Walking Dead podcasts! Or start with a classic like the 2014 true-crime hit called Serial, produced by the creators of This American Life. Reports say it was the fastest podcast to reach 5m downloads and streams in iTunes’ history.

Share a Story, Discuss Ideas or Promote your Business and Start Your Podcast

Don’t let the variety of content available intimidate you. There is still room from the Do-It-Yourself creator or independent storyteller. That’s where Webberized, LLC can help!

Professional Podcasting Equipment Available

We’ve invested in the professional equipment listed below with the goal of helping new podcasters get started! Whether you want to promote your business, publicize a creative idea or share human interest stories, we want to help you make it! Contact us today to discuss pricing!

  • RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio
  • Interview Guest Remotely via Phone Call
  • Two Procaster Broadcast Mics
  • Two Broadcast Arms with XLR Cables with Shockmounts
  • Two headphones

Start your Podcast with Webberized, LLC

You have an idea. You have a story. You have something to say. Whether you want to promote your business, hype a creative idea or share human interest stories, our mission is to help you make it a podcast you can be proud of!

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