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Welcome to iTech Radio 2019, the Reunion Show, The Godfathers of Podcasting…or as we are calling ourselves — The Podfathers! Justin Duhn, Richard Lewis and Taylor Stein are good buddies who met roughly 17 years ago. In 2002, Duhn and Stein were in their early 20s, fresh out of college, wide-eyed and green. Lewis was in his early 30s, transitioning to an industry he knew nothing about, that being TV News Production. They first met within the bowels of a local, bottom-rated television station in Omaha, NE, where they “played” TV news production for 25 hours a week at $8 an hour. All the while trying to figure out what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives, or when they grew up. If you really know them, you know that still hasn’t happened. Now, a couple of things may have crossed your mind. iTech Radio…what the hell is that?!? Reunion show?!? This used to be a thing?!?

iTech Radio was originally an internet radio show they created and broadcasted on The show was an extension of the conversations of three very bored creatives sitting in the tape room of a TV station, talking about all things pop culture, including TV, movies, music, books, personalities. They had opinions — dumb ones, probably, but they didn’t care. They just wanted to create something. They just wanted to make something. This internet streaming service gave them the platform to do it while having fun. That’s all that mattered. Now, you may also be asking yourself, but why?!? Why should I care about this so-called reunion??? Well, honestly…you shouldn’t. It’s not really about you. They didn’t make it for you. So seriously, get over yourself, right, lol? This whole thing came about maybe a year ago after Lewis unearthed old, forgotten episodes burned to CD. He shared them with Duhn and Stein, and the idea of a reunion show was born. And just like old times, they set up in Stein’s basement…5 hours and many beers later…THIS.

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