Under Construction: The wall is up, creating a recording studio space in our office. Now we need a door and paint!

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday has never felt so important before. This is our (Margie and Richard’s) first Small Business Saturday as operators of Webberized, a podcast recording and production studio.

We’re excited about the latest progress towards getting up and running in our new office space and reflecting on what challenges we’ve faced to get to this point. So excited we recorded a podcast about it.

Starting a Small Business

Webberized has grown from its humble beginnings in digital marketing and branched into podcast production.

“For us, it’s been darn near a year in the making, from buying our cool equipment that we’re using right now, to finding people to use it with us, to honing our craft, practicing editing,” Margie explained.

“Proving to ourselves that we were capable,” added Richard. “And professional enough to do this. And we are.”

Growing a Small Business

Webberized is proud to be a new tenant in the Mastercraft building in North Downtown Omaha, home to many creative and unique small businesses.

“I would implore anyone to look up the Mastercraft,” said Richard. “Check out all their tenants. There’s so many cool things they offer, so many creatives there. It’s a really cool space. We’re really looking forward to getting to business.”

Now that we have an office and studio space, we’re getting it ready for recording. First, we arranged for a wall to help create a recording space for better sound. Next, we’re going to lay down carpet tiles. After that, we’re going to paint the wall and hang sound panels.

All the while, we’ve launched a new website (You’re looking at it!) to make it easier for podcasters to book studio time, find pricing and learn more about our services.

Being a Small Business

Though there have been some stressful moments, navigating all of these developments and decisions has been an exciting adventure for us.

“It’s scary. We’re out of our comfort zone, but we have a good circle around us of supporters and we are moving forward.”

It reinforces the important message Small Business Saturday sends to consumers everywhere. Shopping local and supporting small businesses is vital to the community.

We’re so thankful for everyone who has supported us as we’ve made it this far. Happy Small Business Saturday!

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