“Find your puzzle piece moment,” says Omaha comedian Jeremy Plumb, who just launched his own podcast called “Running the Light” in partnership with Webberized, LLC.

Omaha Comedian Launches Podcast

When he began hitting the comedy stages at just 20 years old, Jeremy says it was like finding a missing piece of the puzzle. He has since performed across the Midwest, including the Paul Bunyan Comedy Festival in Michigan. He has also been featured on “Oma-Ha: A Stand-up Comedy Show,” a program on KPAO Community Television, Omaha’s public access channel.

On his new podcast, Jeremy invites different local and regional comedy guests each week, with some making return visits, to pick a comedy album they would like to discuss. They break down their reasons for choosing it with everything from why it was influential to them personally or how it stands out in the comedy industry.

“A lot of comics love looking at other comics. And that’s the thing after every show, you’d rather talk about the process or you talk about ‘hey, man did you check this out?’ Jeremy explained. “And we talk about that. And that’s fun. That’s the side of the conversation that’s always interesting to me. I love talking about this as a process and that’s why I’m doing this podcast.”

Omaha Podcasting with Webberized

Jeremy joined up with the Webberized team to record and produce each week’s new episode.

“Working with a team, it feels like we’re all striving for the same goal, getting the best quality product out,” he said. “When multiple people are working together on it, it feels like you’re not letting it down.”

Webberized, LLC offers podcasting services to help the independent podcast creator in Omaha, NE with everything from recording and editing to getting online and promoting.

Jeremy says he had his idea for a podcast for a year before finally getting it created, adding that it has been a freeing experience that’s also made him more comfortable talking about personal issues he faces as a comedian.

“It feels good to do that every week, you know, it gives you a purpose and I get to listen to comedy every week so it just feels good,” he said. “All I care about is that I’m doing a thing I love. And that’s the same with podcasting. I like creating this thing. This thing makes me proud. I’m proud of it.”

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