A recent news article spotlighted Omaha’s burgeoning podcasting scene, with special attention given to a new free resource at Do Space!

Omaha tech library offers free podcast studio + workshops collab with Webberized

KMTV 3 News Now recently highlighted the collaborative efforts between Do Space, a forward-thinking technology hub, and Webberized to get Omahans podcasting! When Do Space moved to the Abrahams Omaha Public Library branch they opened a free podcast studio. This innovative space offers state-of-the-art podcasting equipment and educational resources, making podcasting accessible to the wider community.

‘We’re re-envisioning what a library could look like’: Free podcast studio at one Omaha library

At Webberized, we’re honored to have a role as an educator and advocate for podcasting at Do Space. I have been hosting an introduction to podcasting workshop at Do Space since June 2019. My favorite part of volunteering is introducing newcomers to the art of podcasting and empowering them with the skills and resources they need to excel.

Reserve the Podcast Studio at Do Space

Empowering Voices Through Education and Collaboration + Do Space + Webberized

I hope to continue to uplift Do Space’s mission of bringing technology to the heart of the community. I believe podcasting is a versatile and powerful tool for storytelling, education, and connection. With a commitment to making podcasting accessible and engaging, I believe Do Space’s podcast studio will grow while also nurturing a generation of podcast enthusiasts who are poised to make their mark in the digital soundscape.

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