Start the new year off by adding another tool to your marketing kit and begin a podcast! By many accounts podcasting is having a moment among mainstream content creators and consumers. Podcasts exist for every industry and interest, from topics on television to health care trends. Keep reading to find out how to utilize a podcast to promote your Omaha business.

How to Start a Podcast to Promote Your Omaha Business

Starting a podcast is similar to any new marketing project or campaign. An estimated 144 million Americans say they have ever listened to a podcast, according to Edison Research’s Infinite Dial 2019 report. You’ll have to do some planning and preparation to reach these listeners. First, decide what kind of show to produce, whether it is a magazine style format with multiple guest interviews or a single host giving a scripted talk on relevant topics. Next, determine how often you’ll release episodes. Follow that decision with how long they’ll be and the span of the season (work some breaks in there!). All of these decisions should be made with the audience you want to reach in mind!

Expertise and Thought Leadership

You started a business because you have the experience and expertise to provide a service or product. A podcast is an opportunity to position yourself and your business as a leader in the industry. By choosing topics that are timely and relevant, you establish credibility that builds trust with your listeners. Earning that trust is a huge asset for your business because it is the foundation of any good relationship. Sharing your expertise in a regular podcast boosts your brand as an authority in the area. You’ll become a reliable source of information that consumers crave!

Create a Community

Researchers have said time and again that podcast listeners are loyal. “They’re also more likely to engage with companies, brands and products with a discoverability factor,” Pandora Chief Revenue Officer John Trimble writes in a feature for AdAge. As more and more brands compete for attention on social media, your business needs alternative tools designed to build your community. To clarify, a podcast creates a shared experience that your customers can connect with and enjoy.

Complement Other Digital Strategies

On top of all this, a podcast complements your other digital strategies. You’ve built a website for your business, started blogging, and then made sure to distribute that content on social media. Now, add a podcast that repurposes all of that content and you’ve created another touchpoint for your regular customers and for potential new customers to find you. By focusing on integrative digital marketing efforts, you’re getting the most bang for your buck!

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