The very core concept of search engine optimization is based on improving the discoverability of information. You want customers to be able to find your business services and products so you built a website, created social media profiles, and developed a content strategy. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t stop there. Here are five ways a podcast can boost your SEO.

How Can a Podcast Boost Your SEO

1. Google has Plans

In May 2019, Google announced it would “start including podcasts in Google Search results so you can listen to podcasts directly from the search results page or save an episode for later.” (Source: Google Blog) This is a big development because until now, the audio medium has largely been considered a second-class member of the content marketing industry.

“This will definitely have an impact on SEO. Search is a zero-sum game—there’s a set amount of space on the SERP, so every new search feature, like a podcast carousel, means there’s less space for the traditional blue links,” HubSpot SEO strategist Aja Frost explained.

2. More Platforms and directories

Listening to podcasts has gotten easier as major streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora have jumped into the pool! It’s time to go swimming! The number of podcatchers, platforms that provide podcast listening services, is growing. Typically, once your podcast is submitted to Apple Podcasts, other aggregators will also pick it up. In addition, with a few extra editing steps, you can syndicate your episodes to YouTube, the second most popular site in the world according to a tracking site called Alexa.

 3. Schedule Benefits

Your marketing team has worked hard to schedule regular content for your website and distribute it via social media. But sometimes you feel like you’re shouting into a void. That’s where podcasts are different. The typical listener is loyal and eager for every episode. Your weekly or monthly episode is like scheduling an alarm clock for your audience, making it hard to overlook and scroll past.

4. Voice Technology

The advancement of voice technology only adds to the value of a podcast. The saturation of smart home speakers and devices among consumers also means more potential ears. By turning your blogs into audio, you can reach new potential customers.

5. Thought Leadership

Utilize your podcast to show the expertise your team has in the industry! Choose timely topics to discuss and answer questions from your customers. The goal of your podcast should be to provide value to your listening audience. Your podcast will enhance your reputation as a credible resource for information, the very things consumers are seeking!

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