Racers, at the tone! The HobbyPlex Show Podcast is off with its first episode, bringing you the latest hobby news and radio controlled (R/C) racing results.

Omaha HobbyTown HobbyPlex January Results, Upcoming Events

Join your host Omaha HobbyTown HobbyPlex Track Manager Alex Sturgeon and his trusty sidekick Will Brinton as they cover the most recent wins and losses and preview what’s ahead at the raceway.

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Get to Know Alex and Will

In their inaugural episode, Alex and Will tell you how they got started in the hobby. Will recalled racing since he was three, starting with go-karts and graduating to 1/18-scale r/c cars when he was 11 years old.

“I was the kid with the fast reflexes and didn’t have a very good car. And now I’m the older guy with a really good car and I’m getting beat by the kids with the fast reflexes,” Will jokingly said.

Alex began racing as a kid in the 80s. Eventually, he started working at the HobbyPlex in 2004, continuously working towards building great off-road tracks. That same year he also placed second in the Stock Nats.

“I got hired at the Plex and part of my deal was, I was going to get an off-road track going! So we built the off-road track in 2005 and it blossomed from there. We moved it in ‘07 to its current location, put the roof on it in 2011. It’s been a monster ever since,” Alex described, adding that it is still exciting to come up with layout ideas for the races.

Hobby News and Upcoming Events

While moving on to talk about the latest hobby news, Alex and Will reflect on their fond memories of Chazz Sinclair, founder of X-Factory, who passed away recently.

They also recapped the recent r/c racing results from the raceway based in Omaha, Nebraska,

Be sure you don’t miss these upcoming January events at the Omaha HobbyTown HobbyPlex:

ProTek RC Carpet Off-Road Syndicate Jan. 11, 18, 25
Family Friday Offroad Jan. 10, 17, 24, 31
Monster Truck Triple Crown Jan. 12

Alex and Will plan to answer questions, too! Submit yours on their Facebook page here.

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