It’s been three months since eight Omaha-area bands rocked the 2019 Continental Drift Music Festival stage. We’re excited to provide your ears with a special treat, a music festival podcast featuring post-performance interviews with each band. 

Music Festival Podcast

In collaboration with Taylor Stein, owner of Onken-Stein Records and organizer of the Continental Drift Music Festival, Webberized Podcast Productions went on location with their gear and set up a recording station at a picnic table at the Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area park.
“This is the first the year for the Continental Drift Music Festival Podcast. We’ve been putting on this music festival since 2012,” Stein explains in the podcast introduction. “Onken-Stein Records has basically been throwing a party with a lot of bands from the Omaha, Nebraska area, Lincoln, Fremont, surrounding areas and over in Iowa. … it’s been a lot of fun over the years.”
After each band’s set, Stein sat them down at the picnic table for an interview, touching on topics ranging from new projects to favorite memories.
Webberized was excited to take their equipment, including microphones, stands, headphones, and a mixer, on location and capture all of these conversations.
You’ll also hear a song from each of the featured artists: Third Frate, Ten O’Clock Scholars, Bazile Mills, All Young Girls Are Machine Guns, Brothers Tandem, Tiny Gentlemen, Robo Dojo, Township & Range.

Travis Sing with Township & Range

“I’ve got all these songs that I have no outlet for, so I’m just going to start doing this myself,” said Travis Sing, describing how he made the decision to return to playing solo about five years ago.
Sing also shared insight into one of his relatable songs about top-shelf whiskey. 
“It’s one of those things like you write what you know and sometimes that really connects with people because they know that too,” Sing said. Listen to the song “Top Shelf” in the episode.
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Robo Dojo

Putting the headphones on to start recording a podcast at a picnic table in the middle of a park is one way to feel important, one band member of Robo Dojo observed.
“It’s why we’re in bands, I think,” they added. “Just to feel a little important.” Learn about their recently released album called “Decepticonniechung”.
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Tiny Gentlemen

Collaborating with bandmates is an important part of the music-making process. 
“I bring in a song thinking ‘OK, it should go this way.’ But I get into practice, show them the song, and they take it just this completely other way and just turn it into something way better than I thought it was going to be,” said Will McGuire, of Tiny Gentlemen.
After their first official show at the Continental Drift Music Festival, the band has plans to put out smaller, 4-song albums with a focus on the production value.
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Brothers Tandem

In their post-performance interview, the guys discussed getting ready to record new music.
“Now that we’re warm, I think now would be a good time to record because we just absolutely rock-stomped the stage and I’m ready to do anything rock right now,” one of them joked. Their chat covers everything from rock-talk and dad life lessons to Husker pride.
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All Young Girls Are Machine Guns

“My favorite part was looking up from singing, and then seeing two boats pulled up to watch the show,” said Rebecca Lowry, of All Young Girls Are Machine Guns.
Lowry also talked about their experience of playing Maha Music Festival in 2015.
Continental Drift Music Festival, while being super small, is a breading ground for Maha Music Festival,” noted Stein. “Because we’ve actually had four artists who have played this festival who played Maha also. 
Listen for a peak at how the band has evolved over the last 10 years, from being just one person to the ensemble it is today.
Look for a new album from them in the near future and find them on Facebook.

Bazile Mills

How do you pronounce the name of the band? For the answer and the origin story of the band name, listen to the podcast track! 
“As we’ve played over the years, we’ve had people, and we’ve had an amazing response of people saying ‘Hey, my grandma lived there.’ And we’ve had people send us some old concert posters of weird stuff like marching bands, the Bazile Mills Band. Cool stuff.”
Find their website here.

Ten O’Clock Scholars

Your podcast host, Taylor Stein, also plays drums for the Ten O’Clock Scholars. Here he interviews his bandmates about the set they just played, from different harmonies to solo parts.
“We should podcast more often as a band.”
The Scholars are working on recording news songs in the studio. Find them on Facebook.

Third Frate

Third Frate capped off the night with a rockin’ set that got everyone moving! In their post-performance interview, they reminisced about old shows over the years and lyrics written long ago! 
“Not many songs that talk about removing a mustard stain from your pants.” 
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