The 2022 Continental Drift Music Festival brought together a great lineup of bands that not only rocked the stage but also shared their insights and experiences in a post-performance podcast. This unique blend of live performances and candid interviews captured the essence of the festival’s vibrant atmosphere and camaraderie.

2022 Continental Drift Music Festival Podcast

Organized by Taylor Stein, owner of Onken-Stein Records, the festival’s podcast featured captivating live recordings from each band’s set, followed by intimate interviews that delved into the world of independent music-making and the festival’s underlying spirit. From discussions about new songs to entertaining anecdotes, the podcast showcased the event’s engaging and supportive vibe.

Throughout the interviews with each band, listeners were treated to an insider’s perspective on the world of independent music and the unique bond shared among the festival’s participants. Beyond being a mere music festival, the Continental Drift Music Festival emerged as a reunion of friends who happened to be musicians. “It was started because I wanted to play an outdoor show with my friends,” said Stein. “And now we’re in our 10th year, just finished up our 10th year playing music and drinking Fireball in the great Nebraska outdoors.” This sentiment beautifully encapsulated the festival’s evolution and the enduring connections it fostered.

Looking ahead to its 11th year, the Continental Drift Music Festival is set to return on Saturday, September 23, 2023, at the Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area. Attendance is free upon acquiring the park’s required daily parking pass ($5-$8 per car). Check out the 2023 line-up below:

Echoes at Midnight
Bazile Mills
The Farewell Season
Brothers Tandem
Square Wave Jerks
Frederick Julius
All Young Girls Are Machine Guns
John Forrest & The Model Citizens
Third Frate
Ten O’Clock Scholars

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