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The Omaha Film Festival is this coming week – March 10-15 at the Marcus Village Pointe theater.  You might be considering going.  That is the first step toward an experience that if you truly love movies you should have.

So you go to the website to get more details like how much it costs and when films are showing

  • Single tickets to a film: $8
  • All Films Pass: $60
  • All Access Pass: $90

Here are 10 reasons why the Omaha Film Festival is worth $90 for an All Access Pass:

1. 97 films – This year’s festival is showing 97 films.  That means you are paying .93 cents per film alone.  A darn good bargain.

2. Parties – There are nightly parties throughout the festival that you will get into for free with an All Access Pass. Just look at all the free food opportunities!

  • Tuesday: Funny Bone (right across from the theater) – Free food from Hartland BBQ!
  • Wednesday: Bravo (still in Village Pointe) – Free appetizers from Bravo!
  • Thursday: Stokes Grill and Bar (13615 California St.) – Free appetizers from Stokes!
  • Friday: Julio’s West (2820 S 123rd Ct.) – Free taco bar
  • Saturday: Omaha Film Festival OFFice (2626 Harney St.) – Free food from Dante’s Pizza!
  • Sunday: Storz Trophy Room (345 Riverfront Drive – Free appetizers and beer samples from Storz!

3. Free t-shirt! Everyone loves a free t-shirt.

4. James Morrison –  Saturday’s panelist for “Tell your story” from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. and “Setting the Clock Back: Reflections on Nine Seasons of “24.”

Morrison plays Nick in “The Jazz Funeral,” which is showing on Friday, March 13 at 8:45 p.m.  You may recognize him from “24,” where he played Bill Buchanan.

He’s also done some side projects, including a documentary about the audition process for actors called “Showing Up: A Conversation about the Audition.” Watch the trailer.

Bonus trivia: According to the biography on his website, he is also a certified Hatha yoga teacher. 🙂

(Click here for his Twitter to tell him you’re looking forward to seeing him at OFF!)

5. David Fury – Saturday’s panelist for “Tell your story – From Buffy to Lost: Writing Television Genre Shows with David Fury” from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m.

Fury wrote and produced for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” He also wrote for “Lost” and “24.”

All great television shows!  Fury talks about writing for comedy and drama in a December article from the “Observer.

“The wonderful thing about ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’ was being able to bring humor into every situation and I loved, loved doing that. It was a bit like a comedy room,” he said.

(Click here for his Twitter to tell him you’re looking forward to seeing him at OFF!)

6. Ben Lane – Sunday’s panelist for “Writing for Animation – The ‘Art’ of Visual Storytelling” from noon to 1 p.m.

Lane is an animator for “The Simpsons.” (I may come dressed up as Marge Simpson for this!)

Lane has also worked on the upcoming Disney short “Frozen Forever,” a spin-off of the movie “Frozen.”

7.   Writer’s Theatre

The Writer’s Theatre showcases who else but the writer! Actors will read pages from eight feature finalists and five short finalists.

This is a real special moment for any writer as they see how performers take their words and turn them into characters for an audience to enjoy.

8. World Premier of “A Sort of Homecoming”

The Omaha Film Festival will be the world premiere for the feature “A Sort of Homecoming.”

A Sort of Homecoming tells the story of Amy (Michelle Clunie), a New York news producer who thought she left her high school experiences long in the past. She unexpectedly returns to Louisiana at the request of her high school debate coach (Kathleen Wilhoite). Their strained reunion brings back memories of her tumultuous senior year of high school.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

9. Nebraska

The Omaha Film Festival features a short film block of documentaries by Nebraska filmmakers on Wednesday, a short film block by Nebraska filmmakers on Friday, and another Nebraska short film block on Saturday!

Many of the filmmakers attend, along the actors and others who helped make those films possible!

10. The people

There will be volunteers, the festival’s organizers, the filmmakers, the writers, the actors, their parents, their friends and so many more people there that love and appreciate the big screen.  It’s a truly great atmosphere.  You’ll be standing in line and here next you “I’m here with my family to see my film I directed.”  Then you’ll turn and see the person with a huge smile on their face. You get to experience with that filmmaker seeing their work in front of an audience – and its a special experience!

(ADDED EDIT: I should disclose I’m a volunteer for the festival this year! Last year was my first experience of the festival and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I wrote about it here.)


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