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We’ve seen it before. Authorities don’t give out information, so a news organization, working with the little information they do have, uses social media to get more information about a developing situation. There are positives and negatives to this strategy… A news station did that this morning, posting an update on their Facebook Page (which has since been removed) that said something to the effect of “has anyone heard about a school in Lee County being put on lockdown. The sheriff’s office is not giving details.” I’m paraphrasing because I can’t remember the exact wording. I also remember reading the very first comment on the thread as saying something like “OMG, I hope its not my kids school…”

The station has since posted a more precise status update, click here. It’s interesting because many are debating if the station should have posted the original update. One person says “Why would you as a news reporting agency put something out there like that without information. Do you realize the panic you set off to parents in Lee county. We may be your eyes and ears at times but not when its going to scare people to death and you not provide any further info. Very Unhappy. I hope everything turns out ok at East Lee County HS.”

Another says “I would rather know about it. I have kids in school and would expect to be informed if something is going on at my kids school. Do you really think the high school informend anyone. At least with a little info we could call our kids school and try to protect our children!”

Such a vague status update can really cause a panic. Is it worth it to get the story? What do you think and what would you do?

(I would wait until I had a reporter on the scene.)


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Here it is!

I believe I’ve written all I can.  In this article, you’ll find my strategies for using new media at a broadcast station to communicate and build and enhance the community it serves. Click the link to read on.  Please tell me any thoughts, suggestions or feedback!


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