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The LIVE web

When I woke up this morning, I had a stream of status updates on facebook from a local news station I had “liked” detailing the breaking news happening in Japan. From there, I drove to work and caught the coverage happening on Good Morning America. I also logged onto CNN.com and saw the footage of the tsunami rolling inland in Japan and kept my twitter timeline open on another tab.
Then google posted a news alert on their home page.
Then YouTube featured the news across the top of their home page.
And so on and so on…

As an Internet Director for a local NBC affiliate, I relied heavily on the network for links that I could embed into the station’s site with their live video for national and world news events.
No longer is it satisfying as a web viewer to see re-clipped newscasts and reports. I want to see it happening now and I’m sure my web viewers do to.
Live coverage and updates are what can set your stations apart from the competition.
There are many low-investment tools that can make that happen:
Cover it live

The writer of this blog makes some good discussion points on how long it took to see live video coming out of Japan after an earthquake devastated the country. Click the link to read what he has to say http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/doc/2011/03/11/earthquake-turns-tv-networks-into-print/


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The NEW webmaster

Newsrooms have an extra person in the room that I think some operations are not using to their fullest potential and only now are learning the right kind of person to fill the position. I’m talking about the webmaster, or as it’s being called now the web producer, Internet director, web manager or a plethora of other names. This position also extends beyond to the sales and promotions department.
It used to be critical that this person be an HTML expert. That is no longer the case thanks to content management systems.
The webmaster needs to be someone that is fully involved in the news gathering process and then some – always thinking ahead to how the story can be advanced even further on the web and drive across platforms ( web, on-air, social media and mobile).
This is the person that should be educating coworkers and making the always hungry monster that is the web easier to feed.
Below are a few strategies for doing just that:

i. Participate in daily operation to drive story development and contribution to all screens.
ii. Daily email to the newsroom with most popular stories, web initiatives and positive feedback to the news team.
iii. Work closely with Assignment Editor to update site with stories in progress and updates from the field.
i. Participate in weekly meeting to develop sponsorable initiatives and other sales opportunities
ii. Work closely with New Media AE to create more sales initiatives and opportunities
iii. Traffic online ad campaigns
iv. Set up contest entry pages

Next update, “All in a day” – Strategies for content on your stations website! (including breaking news and weather)

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