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An Introduction

Hello World.

This day and age, the world is saying hello back.  Journalism is no longer about broadcasting, but to use the hip new term from the National Association of Broadcasters conference this last April, “Broader-casting.”

Communication in the news industry cannot be considered one way anymore.  It is two-way, with the addition of the Internet and mobile devices. It is for this reason, I consider it very important that academia consider the new dynamics in news content and teach up and coming journalists to be open and flexible to these changes.

There are what we like to call four screens that people are getting their news from: tv, web, mobile and social networks.  It is my job to help KTIV News Channel Four provide content on them.

I manage the website, our text messages and updates on our social networks twitter and facebook.  (foursquare may be on the horizon.)

I will show you how the news model is different, station staffing is changing and roles are combining! I will also share with you the battles and struggles I face both inside and outside the newsroom. And the successes I achieve daily (including Best website from the NBNA!!).

First, there are several strategies I use to drive people to http://www.ktiv.com, for example raw video, extended interviews and more.  (basically, whatever didn’t make it into the multi-media journalist’s story).

Today, I managed to clip into a video a 911 call from a trial we are covering in which the man is accused in the death of his 4-month-old daughter.  Read the story here.

The success being the extra RAW video available on the site. The failure being that I clipped the video with the man’s phone number still included.  In my urgency to be first online with this extra content, I didn’t listen to the whole call, something I typically consider very important.

As a precaution, I took the video down, edited out the phone number and posted it back up.  The consequences ring similar to when we protect the name of sexual assault victims.  Though this man is on trial, it is not of journalistic integrity to post his phone number on the internet for the world to hear.

The lesson learned being to consistently make sure to listen to a whole piece of raw or extended footage before posting.

On a side note, I also got to shoot breaking news of a house fire in Sioux City.  The fire was small but worth covering.  Had I thought of it, I would have taken a picture at the scene an updated my twitter with it. Another example of the changing ways news is being covered.


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